Share Your Kids Stories

Melissa L.

Dippy Duck is an icon that I've never forgotten. I can recall being a kid and IID would hold the "draw Dippy" contests. I grew up in Calipatria and I remember always seeing that billboard coming into ... Read More

Nellie P.

Boy does time fly. Things in life are so different as an adult than when I was a child. That said, it's nice to know there are a few constants. I am a mother of two beautiful boys now. And because t... Read More

Aaron F.

I can remember Dippy Duck coming to my pre-school in the 1970s. He kind of looked like Napoleon with his funny hat and uniform. He wielded authority with his badge, baton and "no, no, no... you stay a... Read More

Valeria M.

When I was younger I fell into a canal, my mom couldn't get me out and called 9-1-1 for help. I was okay, but it's a lesson I won't forget. When I was older I learned about canal safety from Dippy Duc... Read More

Victoria C.

Today was my favorite day because dippy duck went to my school,my school name is blanche charles elementary school,I was in mrs uribe class we went to see dippy at 9:40. I LOVE DIPPY DUCK NEVER GO IN... Read More